Angel Cards

Imagination and creativity is vital in a child’s life to process emotion, build confidence and feel safe. To have the magic they see in the world validated in this way will ensure a greater self belief and a more balanced life.

There are 22 colour laminated flash cards (500gsm) round edges suitable for children 2+

Allowing kids to hold onto wonder is such a magical part of life. These beautifully illustrated Angel cards will help bring love, support and encouragement.



These cards were inspired by my passion and drive to deliver a strong support to children. Kids are highly sensitive. Early childhood is a very delicate age where we develop belief systems which will frame all of our experiences. As adults how we operate in the world can be very confusing for a child and there is not enough understanding for us to communicate effectively. With this understanding, I was inspired to create something that a child could access for themselves when they don’t have the ability to communicate their needs. This also offers the parent to see when their child is needing a little extra love and understanding.


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