I’m so excited to be able to connect with you and take you through some of the tools I have discovered which have helped me find inner balance and deep connection.

As a child I did not have the structures that allowed me to feel support, freedom or happiness. I struggled with self love and as a result of this, I created a world of escapism through imagination that allowed me to cope with the loneliness. As an adult I discovered yoga and mindfulness, this began the journey of self love, acceptance and the balance I was craving as a child. I made the connection that what I was learning as an adult, I could have learnt as a child. This made me wonder why it was not taught to children and it has given me the passion to fulfill this.

I was drawn to bringing a moment of peace to people that could not bring it to themselves.

I was the pioneer for introducing yoga to the Queensland womens high security prison system. This humbled me in a way that was essential in understanding primary pain, fear and socio economic distress. The ability to bring spiritual freedom to people that are incarcerated confirmed for me the power of this practice. (Read Gold Coast Bulletin Writeup here)

I decided I wanted to take this further and began teaching in the juvenile justice system. This also gave me a deeper understanding of the expressions of individual pain and the power that yoga has to heal. As a result of all of these experiences it made me realise that everyone has varying degrees of their own inner chaos.

I believe everyone can benefit from a practice of self love and that inspires me to work on building a structure of mindfulness with young children.

It is a great privilege to be connecting with you and your child. I hope that by connecting with me I am able to give you the tools to connect with yourself.

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