How I felt teaching my first yoga class

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I was working in a gym in reception when the fitness coordinator came to me and asked me if I could please teach a Yoga class.

The teacher was ill. There was no one else and was the coordinator was desperate.

My first reaction was “No way! I’m not a teacher, and I don’t want to be!”

He asked again with a look of pleading on his face.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a people pleaser! I never like to disappoint anyone and after a few deep breaths, I looked at him and said with a lot of hesitation “Yes, ok I’ll take the class…”

That night my life changed…

I took the class on that Tuesday evening at 6pm.

I was completely terrified.

I wanted to pull out all day.

I couldn’t eat, I felt nauseous and was filled with fear from head to toe.

The class had 20-25 people with ages ranging from 18-70 men and women. It was a 60 minute class.

I looked over a few notes but couldn’t concentrate because of the racing fear in my mind.

I decided to surrender on my mat for a few moments before anyone arrived so that I could be still, be in the moment and tell myself that this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

I told myself that the universe has its plan. That I’m here to help others and guide them through some posses that will hopefully allow them to feel the way I always have felt at the end of a yoga class.

Now, it’s me giving instead of receiving.

I remember my facilitator saying during my teacher training that we all, as teachers, bring something different to the table.

What will resonate with some people may not with others but people will take what they need from your guidance. As long as your guidance is authentic and true to you – these are words I will never forget.

I fumbled over my worst for the first few minutes.

I’m sure my voice was very shaky, but I started to feel an overwhelming feeling of support and love from every person who was in that room.

I adjusted and put my hands on people and could literally feel them melt into the words I was speaking whilst guiding them through their yoga practice.

It’s like someone came into my body and took over and I was an observer to myself.

I realised in that moment that I’m here to help others, shift and move energy through their body with Asanas, breathing and mindfulness.

The class felt like it went for 10 minutes – not 60. Only at the end of the practice, when I sealed the energy with words of love and encouragement, I told the class that this was the first yoga class I had ever taught. I told them how grateful I was for their patience and support, and yes I felt my eyes filling with water as I bowed my head to the universe and thanked her also.

K 🙂

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