Connecting with your

Kaydee is here for you when you want to see magic

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Kaydee - Third Eye

Aldawin is here to help you speak

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Aldawin - Throat

Bubbles is here to give you love

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Bubbles - Heart

Lyndon is here to help you feel brave

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Lyndon - Solar Plexus

Cora is here for your family

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Cora - Sacral

Miles is here to help you feel safe

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Miles - Base

You are here to be the King or the Queen of your world

These cards were inspired by my passion and drive to deliver a strong support to children. Kids are highly sensitive. Early childhood is a very delicate age where we develop belief systems which will frame all of our experiences. As adults how we operate in the world can be very confusing for a child and there is not enough understanding for us to communicate effectively. With this understanding, I was inspired to create something that a child could access for themselves when they don’t have the ability to communicate their needs. This also offers the parent to see when their child is needing a little extra love and understanding.

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